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Products to #Fight Covid-19

Perfecxa 10L Medical Grade 93%+ Pure Oxygen Concentrator

Ideal to use in home & hospitals

Patients with low saturations and breathlessness are recommended to use oxygen concentrators

Stop the COVID spread

Any COVID patient at your home?

Worried that it will spread to other family members?

Don’t worry

Here is a wonderful solution!!!

Read it in detailed to know more

covid kit gramicide

ULV Cold Fogger Machine

Ideal to disinfect larger areas within less time & less resources especially for Govt Buildings, Gyms, Factories, Apartments, Schools, Hospitals,

This is a thermal sanitizing fogging machine helps to sanitize our homes, Offices, Classrooms & Halls very fast. It takes very little effort to sanitizer your big rooms.

German pure copper oil free compressor

A portable oxygen concentrator can be used for 48hrs continues. 93% High Concentration. 1 – 7L adjustable flow.

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