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Svasth Care 360 Home/Office Protection Pack

Home or Office, protection is needed every where. 90% Care will not help in protecting your family or friends. You need a complete inch to inch protection with right practices.
Follow these steps if there is COVID Positive in your home

360 Protection Pack for your family safety

Whats included in the pack?

  • Well Designed Heavy Stand
  • 500 ML Svasth Hand Sanitizer – Ayur Powered with 70% IPA
  • 5L Svasth Hand Sanitizer – Ayur Powered with 70% IPA
  • Disinfection Thermal Fog Machine
  • Silvox Mist 1 L x 6 – Disinfectant Liquid (Accelerated Silver Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Silvox Fume 1 L x 12 – Disinfectant Fog Machine Liquid (Accelerated Silver Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • 3 Month Mask 4 Pack for family  (inclued Designary cotton ikkat masks, Polyster with filter mask, 3Ply disposable mask with anti bacterial filter)
  • Immunity Booster – As recommended by GOI ministry of ayush
  • 5 Face shields for maids

How this pack can help you and your family protect in 360 degrees?

Step 1: Place the 500ml Svasth Hand sanitizer in the stand and place the stand at the entrance of your door. Insist everyone who comes to your home should sanitize before entering your home

Step 2: Use Silvox Mist to clean vegetables, Groceries, Cutlery, Kitchen table tops , Sofa, Chairs every now and then

Step 3: Drink immunity booster by mixing it in warm water or milk or tea and have it at least twice a day

Step 4: Use thermal fogging machine to disinfect your home once every day.

Step 5: Insist your maid to use the face shields while working in your home. Face shield is preferred over  face mask because face mask will suffocate when used for longer hours.

Step 6: Use the appropriate face mask based on the crowded areas you visit while going out.

If you can follow the above steps you can protect your family completely.

Buy the complete protection kit for your home/office

Buy online and get it delivered to your home