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Step by step user guide on the usage of Disinfection Fogging Machine


Step 1: Before turning on the fogging machine, make sure that the following things are done:

  1. Keep the room ventilated
  2. Turnoff the Timer knob
  3. Place the chemical bottle in the bottle holder and leave the suction tube in to the bottle
  4. Make sure that the black switch behind the machine is in center (o) before plugin the power socket.

Step 2: Plugin the power socket and turn on the switch if the above steps are followed.

Step 3: To preheat turn the black switch to left (I) and observe that the green light on the handle will be in OFF state even after turning the switch to left (I) and then green light will turn on after the machine is ready with adequate heat.

Step 5: Immediately after turning the knob to right the fog starts coming out, then start your sanitation process.

Note: machine will automatically turn OFF along with the green light after 3-5 minutes of continues usage. This automatic cutoff is just to avoid overheating of the machine. Once it is ready it will again automatically turn ON. In this process if you notice that the timer knob reaches to 0 then turn it again to right as you have done earlier. When you want to stop machine turn the black switch to 0. After sanitization is completed follow the below cleaning process.

Remove the chemical disinfectant from the bottle and replace it with water before starting the cleaning process.

Cleaning Process. Place the water filled bottle, turn the black switch to left (I) and let the machine gets heated. when the machine is ready with greenlight and then turn the black switch to right(II). Turn the timer knob to right and let cleaning process starts, keep it in the flow for 2 minutes to clean up all the chemicals.



  • Don’t spray fog directly on to the people’s face.
  • After fogging, don’t turn off machine immediately. keep electricity ON for 1 to 2 minutes for cooling down machine before finally cutting off power.
  • Don’t put machine in wet place for long time without use, always keep it in dry place.

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