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  • Dedakj 7L Home Oxygen Concentrator India – UK’s Top selling Brand | Oxygen Concentrator

    Oxygen concentrator: No cylinder is required, just plug in and get upto 90% purity oxygen continuously for 48hours. What we get from air is just around 21% oxygen , rest are nitrogen and others. But this machine gives you 30-90% purified oxygen. Now Hospitals are charging around 50,000 per day just for minor breathing issues also. Some times we may not get beds in hospitals, for minor shortness of breathing we can use this oxygen concentrator to avoid going to hospitals with doctor advise. If your oxygen saturation levels are not coming to normal while using this machine, must go to hospital for further treatment. Most of the cases are having minor issues. Now many hospitals are offering home isolation packages to avoid hospitalization. Keeping this machine in your home gives you more confidence. For more details contact : Svasthcare India, www.svasthcare.com, Hyd. 9959437667, [email protected]
  • Dodo Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liters

    Dodo Medical Oxygen Concentrator 5L

    Silent Working Feature
    Easy to Use
    Aesthetic Modern Design
    Adjustable Air Flow Feature: O LPM -5 LPM
    Oxygen Concentration: 93% ± 3% (5L / min)
    Oxygen Output Pressure: 30-60 kPa
    Weight: 19 kg
    Product Dimensions: 34x30x65 cm