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ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Cold Fogger Machine

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Covid19,coronavirus,corona,sanitizer,immunity,clod fogger machine,ULV
Covid19,coronavirus,corona,sanitizer,immunity,clod fogger machine,ULV

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Cold Fogger Machine


  • Particle size: 5-150 μm
  • Spray Range: 6-8 mtr
  • RPM: 32000 rpm
  • Weight: 3.2Kgs
  • Power: AC 220V 50Hz
  • Rater Power: 800 Watts
  • Liquid Box Capacity: 5L
  • Atomization Volume: 0~470 ml/min (adjustable)

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This is a compact yet powerful machine that use large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into droplets (particle size of 5-150 microns) that are dispersed into the atmosphere. As the droplets are atomized (smallest possible particle), and released into the air and forms aerosols which also helps in decontamination of air to reduce the risk of airborne infections. These particles are so fine that you won’t find any water drops on the ground like the way sprayed with normal sprayers. The machine is very less in weight & With some minimal instructions any support staff can handle this machine easily.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide (10% or 48% Concentration):

The disinfectant liquid is FDA approved & produced in GMP certified plant. Eco Friendly, Nontoxic, Non carcinogenic, Chlorine Free so safe to use. Effectively works on virus, spores, bacteria and fungus.

Spray dose for 10%(v/v): 2.5-3% (For example: To prepare 1 Liter of disinfection liquid add 25 ml of concentrated Silver Hydrogen Peroxide to 975 ml of demineralized or RO filtered water).

Spray dose for 48%(v/v): 0.5%(5ml Liquid to 995ml of water)


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